Where to use Azure Kinect DK

適用対象: Azure Kinect

Get reliable performance from your Azure Kinect DK by setting it up in the best operating environment. Azure Kinect DK is intended for developers and commercial businesses operating under the following ambient conditions:

  • Temperature: 10-25⁰C
  • Humidity: 8-90% (non-condensing) RH

Mount Azure Kinect DK

Your device has a tripod thread and 4 x M2.5x4mm screw holes under the cover. While these screw holes can be used for mounting, we recommend using the tripod thread to mount the device.

Positiong Azure Kinect DK

Test your Azure Kinect DK in the area you plan to use it in. Here are some tips to keep in mind when placing your device:

  • Use the included stand to raise a device off a table or surface. Reflective surfaces can alter the depth camera accuracy and impact range measurements.
  • To reduce interference, place the device away from other infrared devices, like TV remotes. 
  • Place the device on a solid surface. Vibrations can affect the sensor data stream quality.
  • Sunlight and time of day can impact the overall performance of your device. If possible, try to use the device in a place where you have some control over the surrounding light.