Use Azure Kinect Viewer

適用対象: Azure KinectAzure Kinect SDK

To use Azure Kinect DK, you’ll likely want to use the Azure Kinect Viewer. With the Azure Kinect Viewer, you can check your firmware, test the sensors, and change device settings.

Get started

The Azure Kinect Viewer is included in the Azure Kinect Sensor SDK. To get started, download the Sensor SDK from the Azure Kinect developer documentation at (English only).

After you've downloaded the Sensor SDK, here's how to start using it with your Azure Kinect DK:

  1. Set up your Azure Kinect DK and host PC. For more info on setting it up, go to Set up Azure Kinect DK.
  2. On your host PC, navigate to C:\Program Files\Azure Kinect SDK\tools and select k4aviewer.exe to open the Azure Kinect Viewer.
  3. Find your device serial number in the list, then select Open. If the device serial number isn’t listed, select Refresh Devices.
  4. Select Start.

Test device sensors

Once you have Azure Kinect Viewer running, test the device sensors:

  1. Test the sensors by moving your device forwards and backwards, up and down, then left to right. Rotate the device vertically and horizontally. While moving your device, check the Azure Kinect Viewer to verify that data is streaming. 
  2. If you receive any errors, make sure your cables are plugged in properly and that the power indicator is solid white.
  3. On your host PC, verify that no other open apps are using the device and that your Azure Kinect DK appears in Device Manager.

Check device firmware version

While Azure Kinect Viewer is running, select Device firmware version info. You'll see the current firmware installed on your Azure Kinect DK. For more info on updating your device, go to Update Azure Kinect DK.

Use the tool

Azure Kinect Viewer has a configuration window where you can view device firmware, test the sensors, and change sensor settings. All sensors are on by default. For more info on changing sensor modes, view the Azure Kinect developer documentation at (English only).

RGB Camera

In settings, you can change the streaming format, resolution, and more. Use Advanced RGB controls to change the image quality or reset the settings to the default.

Depth sensor

In settings, you can change the streaming mode. Data from the depth sensor is shown through two windows. The infrared camera window shows a greyscale IR brightness image. The depth camera window shows a colorized representation of the depth data. In the depth camera window, hover your cursor over a pixel to show the distance as measured by the depth camera.

Inertial Measurement Unit

In the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data window, you can see measurements for the accelerometer and gyroscope.


The microphone array data window shows audio input from each microphone in the device.