Description of the Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 Supportability Update package


This article describes the fixes and the changes that are included in the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 Supportability Update package.

More Information

The ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update package provides ISA Server 2006 with the functionality that was introduced in ISA Server 2004 Service Pack 3. This functionality includes the following:
  • Improvements to the ISA Server Management console. These improvements include a new Troubleshooting node.
  • Improved log viewing functionality.
  • Additional log filter functionality.
  • Diagnostic logging. Over 200 new diagnostic logging events are provided.
  • Integration with Microsoft ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool.
The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Download Download the ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update package now.

For more information about how to download Microsoft support files, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
119591 How to obtain Microsoft support files from online services
Microsoft scanned this file for viruses. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to the file.

We recommend that you also install the Microsoft ISA Server Diagnostic Logging Viewer command-line tool. This tool lets you easily view and query the log entries that are generated by the diagnostic logging feature that this update provides. To download this tool, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update package details

List of issues that this package fixes

The ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update package fixes the issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:
922635 Error message when you view an ISA 2004 or an ISA 2006 SSL Web site: "Error Code: 500 Internal Server error. The context has expired and can no longer be used"

923324 Virtual memory allocation for the Microsoft Firewall service increases by as much as 512 MB in ISA Server 2004 and in ISA Server 2006

925003 The HTML pages that correspond to error code 12221 and to error code 12222 appear in English in a non-English language version of ISA Server 2006

925287 ISA Server 2006 includes the host header together with the port number of the Web server after you publish a Web site

925403 Update is available that supports publishing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 behind Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006

925691 The ISA Server Management snap-in stops responding when you create a new connectivity verifier or modify the parameters of an existing connectivity verifier in ISA Server 2006

926845 ISA Server takes a long time to apply changes to the firewall configuration, or changes may not be applied to members of the array in ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition

927265 Authentication fails when client computers use Internet Explorer 7 to authenticate with an upstream ISA Server computer through a downstream ISA Server computer that does not require authentication

927991 A large file download fails when an ISA Server 2006 SOCKS client computer uses passive mode FTP

928841 A Web page that uses link translation and that is published behind ISA Server 2006 may not appear correctly

932945 Error message when you use the IncludeNetworkIpRangeSet property of the FPCClientAutoScript object: "Object doesn't support this property or method"

933617 ISA Server 2006 indefinitely displays the report status as "Generating" on the "Reports" tab

933715 The values that appear in the "Bytes Sent" field and in the "Bytes Received" field are reversed when you log traffic for a server-publishing rule in ISA Server 2006

933716 The Web Proxy filter in ISA Server 2006 logs requests that reference an incorrect access rule when you use overlapped HTTP protocols

933869 Applications that use an embedded Web browser program cannot access content on a Web site that you have published by using forms-based authentication in ISA Server 2006

934410 Disruption of service to all remote sites and high CPU utilization by Lsass.exe and Netsh.exe processes in IPsec tunnel mode site-to-site VPN scenario in ISA Server 2006

934583 ISA Server 2006 cannot delegate authentication to a back-end server from a published Web server

935206 When an external user tries to access OWA that is published in ISA Server 2006, the user does not receive the OWA forms-based authentication page

935693 An ISA Server 2006 Web Proxy client receives error code 502 when a user tries to visit certain Web sites

935784 The report status appears as "Generating" and the report does not run when you click "Run now" in ISA Server 2006

935847 Error message when you try to back up or to export configuration information for ISA Server 2006: "The task is not activated. There is not enough memory to complete the operation."

935928 A client computer may receive an error message when an ISA Server 2006 access rule limits access by content type: "HTTP 502 Proxy Error"

937185 You can disable the HTTPOnly flag in WPLB cookies that ISA Server 2006 uses

937434 When clients connect to a Web site that you published by using ISA Server 2006, the Microsoft Firewall service may use 100 percent of the CPU resources

937451 A Web client may receive incorrect responses from a Web site that is published in ISA Server 2006 when multiple Web clients access the published Web site

937841 ISA Server 2006 forwards requests to an incorrect Web server when a client computer accesses Web sites that have different URLs in the same session

937972 Error message when a client user tries to use a mobile device to access a Web site that is published in ISA Server 2006: "500 Error - Element not Found"

938966 Invalid authentication requests in ISA Server 2006 may be sent to the Radius OTP server

939168 Manually configured reports and daily summary reports may fail in ISA Server 2006

939849 The RSA SecurID form that is customized for mobile devices may not work when a user accesses a Web site that is published in ISA Server 2006

940242 ISA Server 2006 forwards requests to an incorrect Web server when a client computer accesses Web sites that have different host names in the same session

940247 A memory leak occurs if the "Enable caching of content received through the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)" option is enabled in a cache rule in ISA Server 2006

940248 Error message when a user accesses a SharePoint Web site that is published in ISA Server 2006: "HTTP 401 Unauthorized"

940343 ISA Server 2006 drops the HTTP CONNECT request that is used to establish an SSL tunnel when DiffServ-based network traffic prioritization is enabled

941293 Error message when you access a Web site through ISA Server 2006: "HTTP 400 - Bad Request"


  • To apply this update, you must have Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Standard Edition or Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition installed.
  • If you are running ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition, you must apply this update to each array member server and to the configuration storage server.

Restart requirement

After you apply this update, you may have to restart the ISA Server computer.

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