HoloLens and holograms: FAQ

Here are some answers to questions you might have about using HoloLens, placing holograms, working with spaces, and more.

Any time you're having problems, make sure HoloLens is charged up. Try restarting it to see if that fixes things. And please use the Feedback app to send us info about the issue—you'll find it on the Start menu.

For tips about wearing your HoloLens, see HoloLens fit and comfort: FAQ.

My holograms don’t look right or are moving around.
I see messages that say “Trying to map your surroundings” and “Use in limited mode.”
I’m not seeing the holograms I expect to see in my space.
My HoloLens can’t create a new space.
I can’t place holograms where I want.
My HoloLens can’t tell what space I’m in.
Holograms disappear or are encased in other holograms or objects.
I can see holograms that are on the other side of a wall.
When I place a hologram on a wall, it seems to float.
Apps move toward me when I’m trying to place them.
I’m getting a “low disk space” error.
HoloLens doesn’t respond to my gestures.
HoloLens doesn't respond to my voice.
I’m having problems pairing or using a Bluetooth device.
I’m having problems with the HoloLens clicker.
I can’t connect to Wi-Fi.
What’s the difference between the Calibration app and the Sensor Tuning app?
I ran the Sensor Tuning app, and it didn’t fix the problem.

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