Mouse Mischief and Interactive Classroom


Interactive Classroom and Mouse Mischief are two distinct products and are not intended to work together; however, they also do not interfere with one another. 

PowerPoint slides that incorporate content that was created by using Microsoft Interactive Classroom behave as standard PowerPoint slides when they are played in Microsoft Mouse Mischief. Converting slides from Interactive Classroom slides to Mouse Mischief multiple-mouse slides requires additional work, as does converting multiple-mouse slides to Interactive Classroom slides.

Interactive Classroom polling slides behave as standard PowerPoint slides (without interactivity) when the presentation is played in Mouse Mischief (by clicking the PlaySlide Show button on the Multiple-Mouse tab) or from the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint. Mouse Mischief multiple-mouse slides also behave as standard PowerPoint slides (without interactivity) during an Interactive Classroom session or when they are played from the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint.


Interactive Classroom is an add-in to Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote that enables teachers to create classroom polls. Polls are created by using PowerPoint and shared with students in OneNote. Using the Interactive Classroom add-in, teachers can insert Multiple Choice, Yes/No, or True/False questions into a presentation. Students receive the polling questions and teacher notes on portable computers that run the Windows operating system and OneNote. Students use the portable computers to respond to the polling questions. Students who do not have portable computers can respond to questions by using "student response systems, "such as a "clicker."

Microsoft Mouse Mischief is an add-in to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 that enables teachers to create Multiple Choice, Yes/No, and Drawing slides in a PowerPoint presentation. When a teacher plays the presentation from the Multiple-Mouse tab in PowerPoint, students, who are each equipped with a mouse, interact with these slides by each student using his or her mouse to click the answer on the Multiple Choice or Yes/No slides and by making marks on the Drawing slides.

Both add-ins can be installed on the same PowerPoint installation. A PowerPoint presentation can contain slides created by both add-ins, and you will still be able to play the presentation. However, slides created by using Mouse Mischief will lose their multiple-mouse behavior if they are played in an Interactive Classroom session (from the Academic tab). Likewise, slides created by using Interactive Classroom will lose their interactive functionality if they are played in Mouse Mischief (from the Multiple-Mouse tab). A slide cannot be simultaneously both an Interactive Classroom polling slide and a Mouse Mischief multiple-mouse slide.

The following table shows the limitations:

Displays interactivity when they are played in an Interactive Classroom sessionDisplays interactivity when they are played in Mouse MischiefDisplays interactivity when they are played in PowerPoint
Interactive Classroom slides
Mouse Mischief (multiple-mouse) slides

Converting Slides from One Product to the Other

Converting an interactive slide from one product to the other presents special challenges. Interactive Classroom incorporates the action of applying a layout to the slide when the slide is created, making it impossible to change from one Interactive Classroom layout to another. However, you are not prevented from applying a standard PowerPoint layout or a Mouse Mischief layout to that slide.

Multiple-mouse slides use a text box instead of a title box for the slide title to automate resizing of the title text. When you apply a Mouse Mischief layout, the first text box on the slide is repurposed to become the slide title.

Convert a polling slide from Interactive Classroom to Mouse Mischief

If you want to convert an Interactive Classroom slide to a multiple-mouse slide, you can apply a layout from the Multiple-Mouse tab. Then, you have to adjust the positions of answers and graphics.

In a Mouse Mischief Multiple Choice slide layout, text specified for the first answer on the Interactive Classroom slide becomes the title in , and other answers shift position.

In a Mouse Mischief Yes/No slide layout, the “Yes” and “No” are not contained in text boxes; instead, they are incorporated into the slide background. The “Yes” and “No” text from the Interactive Classroom slide then becomes redundant after conversion to a multiple-mouse slide. As with a Multiple Choice slide, the first text box moves into the title location.

Convert a multiple-mouse slide from Mouse Mischief to Interactive Classroom

If you want to convert a multiple-mouse slide to an Interactive Classroom slide, in PowerPoint, you must insert a new slide from the Academic tab and copy the content from the multiple-mouse slide to the Interactive Classroom slide. Unlike Mouse Mischief, Interactive Classroom does not let you apply a different layout to an existing slide.

Interactive Classroom inserts a bar chart or pie chart image into the background of every polling slide. The chart image may be undesirable if the slide contains other graphics. You cannot delete the chart image from the Slide Master because doing this destroys the interactivity of the polling slide. You can hide the chart image with another graphic or with a shape colored to match the slide background. This strategy does not interfere with the slide function or how the results appear after the poll is completed.

More Information

For more information about Mouse Mischief, see:

For more information about Interactive Classroom, see the Interactive Classroom download page.

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