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The FAST Search Troubleshooter for is designed to collect a comprehensive set of information for troubleshooting FAST Search Server 2010 as well as products based on FAST ESP (FAST Search for Internal Applications & FAST Search for Internet Sites).

More Information

The FAST Search Troubleshooter is designed to run under the Windows Server 2003 & 2008 platforms.

Information Collected

DescriptionFile Name
Includes infotool report from running the infotool command. Includes logs and configuration files for all servers that are running FAST.Infotool_{date and time}.zip

An XML summary file of the infotool data is also generated at run-time.

FAST Service information   
DescriptionFile Name
Status of the FAST Search Windows service{Computername}_FASTServiceInfo.txt
Status of the FAST Search IIS-based services{Computername}_FASTSearchAdminAppPool.txt

FAST Search metadata configuration
DescriptionFile Name
Information about defined crawled & managed propertiesSearchMetadataCPs.csv 


Local security policy
DescriptionFile Name
User rights assignments under local policy{Computername}_UserRights.txt

Event logs
DescriptionFile Name
Includes event logs from Application, FASTSearch, FASTSearchFarm and system.{Computername}_evt_Application.csv

DescriptionFile Name
Includes applied hotfixes and patches in the system.{Computername}_Hotfixes.CSV

DescriptionFile Name
Output from MSInfo32{Computername}_msinfo32.nfo

DescriptionFile Name
Firewall configuration from netsh{Computername}_FASTFirewallConfig.txt
DNS Lookup for all detected serversFASTNodes_DNS-Info.txt
SMB Network information{Computername}_SMB-Info.txt
TCP/IP Configuration including netstat{Computername}_TcpIp-Info.txt
Netsh ipv4 output{Computername}_TCPIP-Netsh-IPv4.TXT
Netsh ipv6 output{Computername}_TCPIP-Netsh-IPv6.TXT
Netsh TCP outpt{Computername}_TCPIP-Netsh-TCP.TXT

Port Usage
DescriptionFile Name
Ephemeral port usage report{Computername}_PortUsage.txt

DescriptionFile Name
Checks to see if the environment is virtualized{Computername}_Virtualization.txt


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