Exchange Server 2010 does not recognize a new or updated mailbox throttling policy


Consider the following scenario:
  • You install Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.
  • You create a mailbox for a user.
  • The mailbox uses the default throttling policy.
  • You change the mailbox throttling policy. For example, you change the mailbox so that it uses a custom throttling policy.
In this scenario, Exchange Server 2010 does not recognize the settings in the custom throttling policy. Instead, Exchange Server 2010 uses the settings in the default throttling policy.


This issue can occur if the throttling policy reference in the BudgetCache is not refreshed.

Note This issue can occur if the mailbox for a frequently used account is stored in the cache, and the cache never expires.


To work around this issue, use the following methods, as appropriate for your situation.

Method 1 for RPC Client Access clients

To resolve this issue for RPC Client Access clients, restart the following services:
  • Microsoft RPC Client Access service
  • Microsoft Exchange Address Book service
Method 2 for Exchange Web Services clients

To resolve this issue for Exchange Web Services (EWS) clients, restart the MSExchangeServicesAppPool application pool on the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Client Access server (CAS).


For more information about client throttling policies, visit the following TechNet website:For more information about RPC Client Access, visit the following TechNet website:

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