Lync Room System device can't connect in Office 365 dedicated/ITAR


A Microsoft Lync Room System device can't establish a connection in Microsoft Office 365 dedicated/ITAR.


This issue occurs if the account isn't provisioned correctly.


A Lync Room System device requires both Lync entitlement and a Microsoft Exchange mailbox that resides on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. In addition, the Office 365 dedicated/ITAR environment must be running Microsoft Managed Services Service Provisioning Provider (MMSSPP) 2013 or a later version.

For the account to be provisioned correctly for Lync Room System, it must meet the following requirements. 

Lync requirements

Refer to the Lync Online Dedicated Provisioning Calculator to define the required values for Lync entitlement.
  • The Bitmap provisioning attribute must contain a valid value, depending on the desired features.
  • The String provisioning attribute must contain Type=LRS.
  • Other requirements apply if you want more features.
A screenshot of the Lync Entitlement page for provisioning attributes

Exchange requirements

  • The mailbox must be hosted on Exchange Server 2013. 
  • The Mailbox Provisioning attribute must contain the following value:

    Note The "MBX=" value can be either "5GB" or "10GB" for resource mailboxes, depending on the size that you want.
In Exchange, Remote PowerShell will return the "object couldn’t be found" error for a Lync Room System resource if you're connected to an Exchange Server 2010 endpoint. To fix this, try to connect to an Exchange Server 2013 endpoint instead.

To validate that the object is provisioned as expected in Exchange Server 2013, run a get-mailbox lookup, and make sure that the value of the RecipientTypeDeails parameter is set to LinkedRoomMailbox and that the value of the LinkedMasterAccount parameter isn't NT Authority\Self:
get-mailbox <PrimarySMTPAddress> | FL RecipientTypeDetails,LinkedMasterAccount 
The result resembles the following: 
RecipientTypeDetails : LinkedRoomMailbox
LinkedMasterAccount : Domain\User

Note If you're unsure which extension attributes your organization uses for Lync entitlement (bitmap and string), or if you don't know the mailbox provisioning attribute, contact your SDM for guidance.

If the issue persists after you make sure that provisioning is set correctly, contact Microsoft Online Services Support by online submission  or by telephone .


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