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아래 목록은 IBM PC에 대 한 미국 버전의 QuickBasic 제품 내역이입니다.

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자세한 내용

Version Number      5.25-Inch Release      3.5-Inch Release

1.00 08/18/85 none

First release.

1.01 January 1986 none

Corrects problems known in Version 1.00. No major enhancements.
Few copies of Version 1.01 were shipped due to a problem
discovered with compiling medium-sized programs.

1.02 02/06/86 05/07/86

Corrects problems known in Version 1.01. No major enhancements.

2.00 09/29/86 08/15/86

Major release. The following new features are added:

Built-in editor environment
Support for dynamic numeric arrays using far heap (up to 64K
Multiline block IF..THEN..ELSE..ENDIF statements
EGA graphics card support
BLOAD/BSAVE statements

2.01 01/20/87 02/02/87

Corrects problems discovered in Version 2.00. Addition of
keyboard driver for Tandy 1000 and IBM EXTENDED keyboard.

3.00 04/13/87 04/13/87

Major release. Comes with QB.EXE and QB87.EXE. The QB87.EXE
program supports the math coprocessor. The following additional
new language statements are added:


The editor includes insert/overtype mode command. You can use
the editor with SuperKey, Prokey, or Sidekick. Other features
include a simple debugger to set breakpoints and watch
variables. The editor can take advantage of 43-line mode on the
Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) card.

4.00 10/10/87 10/10/87

Major release. Introduction of threaded p-code technology, which
error-checks lines when typed and runs programs almost instantly
in the editor environment. You can load multiple modules within
the editing environment.

The following new features are added:

Hercules graphics support
Recursive SUBprogram procedures
User-defined TYPE variables (TYPE...END TYPE)
Huge dynamic arrays (larger than 64K)
Fixed-length strings
CALLs to high-level languages (Microsoft C, FORTRAN, Pascal)

Enhanced debugger in editor allows setting breakpoints, watch
points, and watch variables, plus MS CodeView compatibility. New
on-line help for Basic syntax.

4.00a 02/20/88 02/20/88

QuickBasic Version 4.00a was released with the Microsoft Basic
Compiler Version 6.00. Version 4.00a provided corrections to
problems discovered in Version 4.00. QuickBasic Version 4.00a
was never sold as a product separate from the Microsoft Basic
Compiler 6.00.

4.00b 05-05-88 06/01/88

Version 4.00b is almost the same as Version 4.00a, except some
memory-management and data-communications problems in Version
4.00a (and Version 4.00) are corrected. Version 4.00b is
enhanced to support the AT&T and Olivetti high-resolution
screens. (A copy of QuickBasic Version 4.00b is also distributed
with the Microsoft Basic Compiler Version 6.00b package.)

4.50 10/21/88 10/21/88

New user interface with complete context-sensitive help that
contains the entire language reference manual. On-line help
system also contains examples that can be cut and pasted
directly into programs. 4.50 provides corrections for some
problems discovered in Version 4.00b.


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