Rise of Nations: Minimum system requirements


This article contains a list of the minimum system requirements for Microsoft Rise of Nations.

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The minimum system requirements for Rise of Nations are:
  • One of the following Microsoft operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 98
    • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
    • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me)
    • Microsoft Windows 2000
    • Microsoft Windows XP
  • A 500 megahertz (MHz) Processor.
  • 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM.
  • 16-MB 3D Video Card.
  • 800 MB of hard disk space.
  • Audio card with speakers or headphones.
  • A modem that supports 56 kilobytes (Kb) per second or better Internet connection for multiplayer or online games.
Note These are the minimum system requirements that a computer must have to run Rise of Nations. Performance may be increased on computers that exceed these requirements.

Supported video hardware

Rise of Nations requires a minimum of 16 MB of memory for video display. Additionally, Rise of Nations must pass a system check when you start the game. When Rise of Nations passes the system check, you do not receive the following error message:
This video card is not supported for use with Rise of Nations.
Rise of Nations is expected to work with video hardware that is classified as "supported." If your video hardware is not classified as "supported," you may experience issues when you try to play Rise of Nations. If you experience issues with your video hardware when you try to play Rise of Nations, contact Microsoft Help and Support. To do this, see the "Unsupported video hardware" section.

Unsupported video hardware

The following is a list of video hardware that was known to be unsupported at the time that Microsoft Rise of Nations: Gold Edition was released.
  • 3dfx
    • Voodoo 1
    • Voodoo 2
    • Banshee
    • Voodoo 3
    • Voodoo 4
    • Rush (Alliance)
    • Rush (Macronix)
  • S3
    • Virge
    • Trio 64
    • Trio 64 Plus
    • Aurora 128
    • Trio 64 DX
    • Trio 3D
    • Virge DXGX
    • Virge GX2
    • Trio3D
    • Savage 3D
    • Savage 3D S3
    • Savage 3D S4
    • Savage4 ProSavage
    • ProSavage
    • Virge MX
    • Virge MXC
    • Savage 2000
  • nVIDIA
    • TNT
  • Intel
    • 815
    • 752
    • 810
    • 810e
    • 740
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