Internet Explorer Maintenance policies are not applied in preference mode


You may experience the following issues when you try to apply a Microsoft Internet Explorer or a Windows Internet Explorer Maintenance policy to a client computer:
  • The policy is only applied one time.
  • The policy is not reapplied when you log on, even if you have enabled the "Process even if the Group Policy objects have not changed" setting.
  • The policy does not respond to the GPUPDATE /FORCE command.


The Internet Explorer Maintenance policy is probably running in preference mode. Preference mode is designed to provide initial settings to a user without enforcing them.


If you want to enforce a specific configuration on a client, do not use preference mode.


This behavior is by design.

More Information

The Internet Explorer Maintenance preference mode is designed to provide initial settings for a user without enforcing these settings. For example, the user may set the corporate intranet portal page as the home page. If no other restrictions apply, the user may modify these settings. When an Internet Explorer Maintenance policy is in preference mode, the policy will only be applied to a client computer again when the policy has changed. At that time, the new preferences will be introduced on the client computer.

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