Microsoft Home Networking product documentation


This article contains links to all the latest documentation for the Microsoft Home Networking products. The documentation includes User's Guides, Base Station Configuration Guides, and product data sheets. All the documents are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) file format.

More Information

Wireless Base Station MN-700

Wireless Base Station MN-500

Wired Base Station MN-100

Wireless USB Adapter MN-510

Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter MN-710

Ethernet USB Adapter MN-110

Wireless Notebook Adapter MN-720

Wireless Notebook Adapter MN-520

Xbox Wireless Adapter MN-740

Ethernet Notebook Adapter MN-120

Wireless PCI Adapter MN-730

Ethernet PCI Adapter MN-130

5-Port Switch MN-150

Wireless Notebook Kit MN-820

Wireless Notebook Kit MN-620

Wireless Desktop Kit MN-610


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