Mouse Driver Version 9.0 Command-Line Switches


The following table describes the command-line switches available in
versions 9.0 and 9.01 of the Microsoft Mouse driver:

Switch Explanation

ON Enable mouse
OFF Disable mouse
/B Bus mouse type
/C<n> Serial mouse on COM1 or COM2
/E Load mouse in low memory
/F Find pointing device
/H<n> Horizontal sensitivity (5-100)
/I<n> InPort mouse type (1 or 2)
/KP<n> Small button selection (P = Primary, S = Secondary)
/K<n> ClickLock (/KC = ON, /K = OFF)
/M<n> Enable default cursor (/M1 = ON, /M = OFF)
/N<n> Cursor delay (0-10)
/O<n> Rotation angle (0-359)
/P<n> Active acceleration profile
/Q Load mouse quietly (no startup messages; only in 9.01)
/R<n> Interrupt rate
/S<n> Horizontal and vertical sensitivity (5-100)
/V<n> Vertical sensitivity (5-100)
/Y Disables hardware cursor
/Z PS/2 mouse type
NOTE: The /E and /F switches are new in version 9.0; /Q is new in 9.01.

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