INF: SQL Server 2000 서비스 팩 1에서 수정된 버그 목록(2/2)

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다음은 Microsoft SQL Server 2000용 서비스 팩 1(SP1)의 수정 프로그램과 향상된 기능 목록 중 2부입니다. 자세한 내용은 주 서비스 제공자에게 문의하십시오. 추가 목록은 Microsoft 기술 자료의 다음 문서를 참조하십시오.
290212 INF: SQL Server 2000 서비스 팩 1에서 수정된 버그 목록(1/2)
300634 INFO: List of Bugs Fixed in MDAC 2.6 Service Pack 1
SQL Server 서버에서 현재 실행 중인 서비스 팩 수준을 확인하려면 SQL Server 쿼리 분석기 창에서 다음 문을 실행하십시오.
   SELECT @@version
쿼리 결과는 다음과 같습니다.
   8.00.194 if SQL Server 2000 에 아무 Service Pack도 적용되지 않은 경우   8.00.384 if SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1 
본 문서에서 설명하는 해결 방법은 정보 제공용입니다. 업데이트된 소프트웨어가 있을 경우 해결 방법을 구현할 필요가 없습니다.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000의 서비스 팩 1(빌드 8.00.384)에서 해결된 각 문제에 대한 자세한 내용은 링크를 누르거나 Microsoft 기술 자료 문서를 쿼리하려면 Q xxxxxx 번호를 사용하십시오.

서비스 팩 1에 함께 제공된 서비스 팩 1 Readme.txt 파일을 보려면 Microsoft 기술 자료의 다음 문서를 참조하십시오.
300516 INF: SQL Server 2000 서비스 팩의 Readme.txt 파일
SQL Server 2000 서비스 팩 1을 구하는 자세한 내용은 Microsoft 기술 자료의 다음 문서를 참조하십시오.
290211 INF: 최신 SQL Server 2000 서비스 팩 구하기
추가 정보
SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services(분석 서비스)

버그 ID:2109
291265 BUG: Error Occurs when you Exit Internet Explorer or Excel When You Use a Pivot Table Control with a Visual Basic User Defined Function
버그 ID:5074
294703 FIX: Incorrect Data in Local Cube Using Custom Rollup with Parent Child Dimension and UNARY Operator
버그 ID:10693
293516 FIX: Processing of Remote Partition Fails When Dimension and Fact Table Are in Different Data Sources
버그 ID:10748
294371 BUG: Cubes and Dimensions Not Visible After Upgrading From OLAP Services 7.0 to Analysis Services 8.0
버그 ID:10768
293528 FIX: Drill-Through Fails if Dimension Table Has an Alias in the Cube
버그 ID:10884
294535 FIX: Real-Time Cubes Fail to Process with a Measure Defined as Distinct Count
버그 ID:11012
294734 FIX: Invalid Data Displays after Refreshing the Definition of a Cube That Contains Virtual Dimensions
버그 ID:11047
294746 FIX: Error Occurs When Changes are Made to Dimension Security for Very Large Dimensions
버그 ID:11049
294968 FIX: Error Processing Partitions in Parallel Through DTS May Cause Processing to Fail
버그 ID:11122
281117 BUG: Timeout Error Occurs with Large Dimensions in Dimension Editor or Wizard
버그 ID:11133
295634 FIX: 여러 파티션과 고유한 카운트 측정값을 가진 큐브에 쿼리하면 서버가 실패한다
버그 ID:11175
295737 FIX: Analysis Manager Reports Error: Cannot Create Temp Directory Due to Disk Space Problems
버그 ID:11209
296064 FIX: Analysis Services Cubes Restored From Archive May Show #ERR When Browsed
버그 ID:11226
296380 FIX: IS_DRILLTHROUGH_ENABLED in MDSCHEMA_CUBES Resultset Invalid for Copied Objects
버그 ID:11238
295985 FIX: Creating a Local Cube from a Linked Cube May Return Error
버그 ID:11250
296419 FIX: Cannot Set Parent for Calculated Member to Member of Parent-Child Dimension
버그 ID:11267
296420 FIX: Incremental Update of Cube Results in Empty Cube if Partition Was Previously Empty
버그 ID:11277
298595 FIX: Order and Format of Dimension Members Not Maintained After Processing
버그 ID:11302
278239 FIX: Extreme Memory Usage When Adding Many Security Roles
버그 ID:11310
297179 FIX: OLAP Service Fails to Start After Changing Sort Order to Binary on Japanese Windows
버그 ID:11322
294276 FIX: "Subscript Out of Range" Error Message in Usage Analysis Report
버그 ID:11357
297205 FIX: A Remote Cut and Paste of a SQL Server 7.0 Cube or Dimension In Analysis Manager Causes an Error
버그 ID:11398
296901 FIX: Cube Editor Stops Responding on Save After Adding Private Dimension
버그 ID:11418
296915 FIX: Access Violation When Processing a Database That Was Restored Over Existing Database
버그 ID:11422
279490 BUG: Analysis Services 2000 Does Not Support Security Account Delegation
버그 ID:11427
297248 FIX: Server Shutdown When Processing a Cube with Private, Virtual, and Shared Dimensions
버그 ID:11428
296929 FIX: Creation of Ad Hoc Data Mining Models Fails with Mining Execution Location=3
버그 ID:11472
294664 FIX: Timeout Error While Browsing Data from Analysis Manager
버그 ID:11508
297889 PRB: Unable to Count Fact Table Rows When Creating a Cube
버그 ID:11536
296774 FIX: DTS Logs Processing Messages Even When Package Logging Is Turned Off
버그 ID:11549
296652 FIX: Dimension Editor Displays Error Message While Setting Default Member
버그 ID:11551
291364 FIX: Query Performance Slower When Client Locale Differs from Server Locale
버그 ID:11580
291563 FIX: 분석 서버 HTTPS 연결이 HTTP 및 TCP/IP 연결보다 느리다
버그 ID:11603
293616 INF: How to Migrate Repository from Meta Data Format to SQL Server Database Format
버그 ID:11617
289804 BUG: Dimension Wizard Generates Unusable Custom Rollup Formula with Private Parent-Child Dimension
버그 ID:11938
296378 FIX: Query Using NON EMPTY Clause Fails for Measures with a Large Cellset
버그 ID:11944
298600 FIX: Partition Stops Inheriting FromClause Property from Parent Cube
버그 ID:11954
293463 FIX: ASP Error 0115 Occurs When Connecting Through HTTP to Analysis Server on Windows NT 4.0
버그 ID:11960
298700 FIX: Syntax Error Occurs When You Use EQUAL_AREAS or THRESHOLDS Keyword for DISCRETIZED Method
버그 ID:11998
293195 FIX: Use of the Colon Operator to Define a Range of Members May Cause Incorrect Results in MDX Query
버그 ID:12004
295446 FIX: MSOLAP 8.0 Provider Returns Invalid Property Values for Non-Leaf Members
버그 ID:12024
296381 FIX: Creating a Local Cube with a Large Number of Measures May Cause Error on the Client
버그 ID:12053
290562 BUG: HTTP Connection Resets Session ID of an ASP Session Object
버그 ID:12056
291374 FIX: Creation of Local Cube with More Than 202 Measures May Fail
버그 ID:12096
293776 FIX: Cube Remains in Repository Database After Restore of Archived Database Without Cube
버그 ID:12147
295706 FIX: Virtual Cube Returns Empty Cells if Custom Rule Is Applied
버그 ID:12157
293318 FIX: Analysis Services DTS Task Gets Timeout Error During Incremental Update
버그 ID:12254
296267 FIX: Analysis Services Cubes Using Unisys DMS II Database Report ODBC Error
버그 ID:11266, 11168
295537 FIX: Unable to Save Changes to Analysis Services Named Sets
버그 ID:11281, 11210, 12010
293641 FIX: Error Occurs When You Process Cube or Dimension Through ASP
버그 ID:11361, 12152, 12162
294285 BUG: Processing All Dimensions May Fail with Very Large Dimensions
버그 ID:11406, 12157
293318 FIX: Analysis Services DTS Task Gets Timeout Error During Incremental Update
버그 ID:11551, 11553
291364 FIX: Query Performance Slower When Client Locale Differs from Server Locale
버그 ID:11580, 11471
291563 FIX: 분석 서버 HTTPS 연결이 HTTP 및 TCP/IP 연결보다 느리다
버그 ID:11928, 11998
293195 FIX: Use of the Colon Operator to Define a Range of Members May Cause Incorrect Results in MDX Query
버그 ID:12092, 12178
294993 FIX: Combination of Order and CrossJoin Functions in MDX Causes Error
버그 ID:12136, 11457
296639 FIX: Analysis Services Fails When All Shared Dimensions Are Processed
kbsqlservsp1fixlist FixList

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