Error message when you import items from Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters into Microsoft Dynamics GP: "7973 - The Sales Return Account is Inactive"

When you use the Item Import function to import items from Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) Headquarters into Microsoft Dynamics GP, you receive the following error message:

7973 - The Sales Return Account is Inactive


This problem occurs if the sales return account in Microsoft Dynamics GP is inactive.


To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Financials on the Cards menu, and then click Accounts.

  2. In the Account Maintenance window, click the lookup button in the Account field.

  3. Double-click the sales return account.

  4. Click to clear the Inactive check box.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Close the Account Maintenance window.

  7. On the Transactions menu, point to Retail Management, and then click Item Import.

  8. Select an appropriate date range, and then click Import.


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