Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a server that is running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for which an Enterprise client access license (CAL) is enabled.

  • You create a new Business Data Connectivity (BDC) model that contains an external content type.

  • The external content type has a version number that uses one of the following formats:

    • #.x

    • #.x.x

  • You import the BDC model into the SharePoint 2010 server directly or by using Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010.

  • You open SharePoint Central Administration, click Manage Service Applications, and then you click Manage BDC.

In this scenario, when you try to open the BDC Administration page, you receive the following error message:

Argument must be between 0 and 2

Parameter name: Parameter_name

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Server

Correlation ID: ID_number

Date and Time: Date_and_Time


This issue occurs when the version number of an external content type has less than four parts. That is, instead of following this format, #.x.x.x, the version number uses one of the following formats:

  • #.x

  • #.x.x


To work around this issue, use SharePoint Designer 2010 to edit the entity version number of the external content type, and change the version number to a four-part number.

  1. In SharePoint Designer 2010, open the site that contains the BDC model and the external content type that has to be changed.

  2. In the Site Objects pane, click External Content Types.

  3. Select the external content type, and then click Edit External Content Type.

  4. In the Summary View, under External Content Type Information, click the version number.

  5. Change the version number so that it has four parts. For example, the existing version number has two parts: 1.1. When you expand the version number to, you have the required four parts for a version number.

  6. Save the changes that you made to the external content type.

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