Report unsafe websites in Windows Security

ນຳໃຊ້ກັບ: SecurityWindows 10

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you can report a website that appears to be a scam. Microsoft is looking for you to respond to the message about the safety of a website, so that we can protect you and others from cybercriminals that want to steal your personal information, identity, and money. As a result, you and your family can browse the web more safely.

If you answer Yes on the Is this site safe message, then you feel that the site is safe for you to browse and Microsoft won’t designate this site as potentially dangerous.

If you answer No, then Microsoft will designate this site as potentially dangerous.

Identify a potentially dangerous website

There are various ways that cybercriminals use websites to steal from you. These dangerous websites could be such things as advertisements, or offers of a free prize or lottery win. Typically, these sites request that you share information through a step-by-step format, starting by asking questions that would usually seem normal, such as your email address. So when they get your personal info, they might send you other links that require an email to log on or subscribe to these websites. As a result, they may have access to your email, including the ability to use it to reset passwords to other sites linked to your email account.

Tech support scams very often use websites to steal from you. The scam starts with an ad that sends you to a website that displays messages that your computer is locked because of a virus. It may also tell you that you’re at risk of losing all your personal data. Then it asks you to immediately call a technical support number. If you try to close the message, you’ll get a loop of successive messages that you will be unable to close, effectively locking your browser.