Update for Windows RT 8.1 feature improvement

About this update

This article describes an update that adds the Start Menu and other features to Windows RT 8.1. The following new features are available for Windows RT 8.1 users.

Start menu

The Start menu completely replaces the modern Start screen, while preserving complete access to all Windows RT 8.1 applications.
Areas of the Start menu
To Enable or Disable the Start menu
To Pin or Unpin apps to the Start menu App grid
To Pin or Unpin apps to the Start menu Pinned List
To Unpin apps from the Most Frequently Used apps list
To Resize apps on the Start menu App grid
To Rearrange apps on the Start menu App grid, Pinned List, or MFU
Scrolling the Start Menu
Most Frequently Used Apps

How to

Use the following methods to return to the Desktop and to use both desktop and immersive Internet Explorer at the same time.
How to return to the Desktop
How to use both desktop and immersive Internet Explorer

Circular Frames for User Account Pictures

Selected areas of the Windows RT 8.1 UI are improved to present user account pictures in circular frames. These areas include the following:
  • The Logon screen
  • Start screen and Start menu
  • User Accounts Control Panel
  • The immersive dialog box that appears when you add a new local account or Microsoft Account (MSA) to the system or when you link an existing local account to an MSA.
The following UI areas are unchanged:
  • The Account pictures in PC Settings > Personalize and PC Settings > Accounts.
  • The Windows Security credential dialog box.
There's no method enabling or disabling this improvement.

How to get this update

This update is available on Windows Update. For more information on how to run Windows Update, see How to get an update through Windows Update.

More Information

To get the updated Language Interface Pack (LIP) resources, please install update 3097667.


See the terminology that Microsoft uses to describe software updates.

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