As a new ADR, what training courses should I take


This article provides guidance to the available operational resources to a new ADR or new employee in an ADR organization to get ready to transact in the ADR program.

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The Microsoft Readiness App available at the links below provides a number of key training materials and updates for ADR partners.

Ops Academy provides foundational training that aims to provide Authorized Device Resellers (ADRs) with a comprehensive manual for the day to day operating procedures with Microsoft’s Regional Centers (ROCs) regarding the distribution and resale of devices for Commercial customers.

It provides guidelines regarding the following:

·         Operational Support

·         Pricing Programs Training

·         Channel Data Reporting Requirements

·         Returns and Warranty

·         Channel Incentives

To go access the ADR Ops Academy go to ADR Ops Academy.

Ops Academy Certification gives users the opportunity to assess their program knowledge and allows organizations to assess their resource readiness to transact in this program.   After completing the training materials, you may take the certification here.

In addition to the resources available via the ADR Ops Academy there are additional training modules which can be consumed depending on the users role in the program.  These modules contain deep training in multimedia format as well as in multi-language.  Please ensure that you and resources in your organization are familiar with and consume these resources.  We will continue to make updates to these training materials as program changes and launches are published. 

·         ADR Program Overview and Ops Training

·         ADR Pricing Programs Training

·         ADR Channel Data Reporting Training

·         ADR Returns & Warranty

·          ADR Channel Incentives

Additional Information:

To access the Readiness App:

For Windows 8.1, download the app from the Windows Store

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8.0, you may log into


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