Servers removed from the farm still appear in Health Analyzer reports


After removing servers from the farm, there are reports in the Health Analyzer logs that these removed servers are failing.


SharePoint does not correctly update the messages in the Health Analyzer log.


There is a workaround to solve this issue:

Since Health Analyzer is a SharePoint list, you can edit it with the controls in the ribbon.

The action to take is to remove the items from the list that report anything related to a removed server:
  1. Select all the appropriate items using the checkbox on the left of the message.
  2. Click the "Delete Item" option in the Ribbon (Under List Tools->Items)
  3. Run the Health Analyzer jobs again. There are three options now:
    • Run all of them with the following PowerShell command:

      Get-SPTimerJob |? { $_.Name -like "*health*" } | Start-SPTimerJob
    • Run selected jobs with Central Administration, under Monitoring->Health Analyzer->View rule definitions.
    • Wait for them to be run automatically by the timer job.
Once the jobs are run again, the items may appear again in the log, but they should not display any removed server in the failing servers column.


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