Halo: Reach: Content Packages may not be viewable


This article answers questions about multiple content packages not viewable in Halo: Reach.

More Information

For more information regarding Halo: Reach, please see the Halo: Reach FAQ at  www.bungie.net.

If you have more than three Halo: Reach “Content Packages" or “Downloadable Content” the fourth package and beyond will not be visible / usable in game.

Currently there are four Content Packages available for Halo: Reach -

1) Halo - Bonus Content Items (Includes Gamestop pre-order, Limited Edition Elite Armor, Legendary Flaming Helmet)
) Bungie Pro
) Noble Map Pack (DLC1)
4) Defiant Map Pack (DLC2) Released on 3/15/11


The current resolution is to remove the Bungie Pro file from the HDD. You will still have access to the Bungie Pro service even if this file is removed from the HDD.   


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