Users Folder May Show As a Server Share When Joined To HomeGroup


When the Home Server 2011 or Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials server is joined to a HomeGroup you may seen a server share named Users.

More Information

When the server initially joins the HomeGroup, the path c:\users is shared as Users. Once the HomeGroup join process is complete, the server should remove the share. The share should only be visible on the network for a short period of time. If you wish to share c:\users, you can add the share using the Dashboard. You can use the following steps to remove the Users share, if it exists:

1. Open Dashboard

2. Navigate to the “Server Folders and Hard Drives” tab

3. Select the “Server Folders” sub tab

4. Select the Users share

5. Click “Stop sharing the folder” in the tasks pane and complete the wizard

Note: The user should not click “Delete the folder”


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