Most important Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts


How can I quickly open certain functions of a webpage in Windows Internet Explorer 9 by using keyboard shortcuts?


Note: Now you can download and install Internet Explorer 9 for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The most important shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9

By using the following keyboard shortcuts, you can surf faster and more convenient and access to certain features of the loaded webpages with Internet Explorer 9.

The following list is a complete list of Internet Explorer 9

Note: Press the keys at the same time if there are more than one keys. Pease note that the international keyboard notation is used in this article.

Refresh the page

Press [F5] to refresh the current webpage..

Restore previously loaded page in the active window.

Press [ALT] and [Left arrow] to go back to the previously loaded page in the active window.

Open home page

Press [ALT] and [Home] to open your home page.

Navigate within a page

Press [Tab] to forward through the navigation points or the links within a webpage.

Scroll down on apage

Press [Page Down] to scroll to the bottom on one side.

Scroll to the top on a page

Press [Page Up] to scroll to the top on one side.

Search within a Web page

Press [CTRL] and [F] to display the search function and to search for specific terms within the active page.

Representation of web content increase or decrease

Press [CTRL] and [+], to increase zoom (+10%) . Press [CTRL] and [-]decrease zoom (-10%).

Open Favorites list

Press [CTRL] and [I], to open the list of your favourites.

Add the current page to Favorites

Press t[CTRL] and [D], to add the current page to your favorites.


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