Print options in Excel are applied per worksheet


This article describes how printer settings are applied per worksheet in Microsoft Excel. 

More Information

In Excel, every worksheet uses its own printer settings.

When a new workbook is created, Microsoft Excel reads the default settings of the printer driver of the default printer. Most of the settings from the printer driver are applied as default print attributes to each worksheet in the new workbook.

For example, if the driver for the default printer is set to print in black-and-white, when the new workbook is created, each worksheet will also contain the black-and-white print setting as a default attribute and will print in black-and-white. However, if you select multiple worksheets to print and also select to print in color, only the first selected worksheet will print in color.

Important Some printer drivers contain settings which are stored by Excel at the workbook level.  These settings vary from printer to printer and depend on the manufacturer of the printer.

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