Fast ESP only shows 4020 results when there are many more hits


Only 4020 results are seen when performing a search in ESP, even though there are many more results found.


This happens due to the default maxoffset value used by ESP, which limits the accessible results to 4020. Providing a higher number of results can negatively impact performance.


The reason there are only 4020 accessible results is due to the maxoffset value that ESP uses. By default this is set to 4000, and one will see 4020 accessible results, due to the number of hits per page. This limit is set to 4000 for performance reasons. Returning a number larger than this could have an impact on search performance, so it may not be recommended. In general, results past a large offset are usually not highly relevant.

To increase the number of results that are returned, edit the file: %FASTSEARCH%/etc/config_data/RTSearch/webcluster/fdispatch.addon, and increase the value in the maxoffset parameter from 4000 to the desired value. For the changes to take effect, one must restart search with the following command:
nctrl restart search-1

NOTE: This command brings down search momentarily while this process restarts so it may be necessary to wait for a maintenance window in a production environment.

When changing this value, Microsoft Technical Support recommends this be tested in a development environment so the performance impact can be observed, before making such a change in a production environment.

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