Server Password Set During Installation May Not Work


You are unable to logon to the server after completing setup. The password you entered during setup may have been entered with the Microsoft Language Bar (IME) set to English.


The Microsoft Language Bar (IME) is set to English by default so the password for your server could have been created using the English keyboard layout. When setup completes it will change to the language selected during setup.


Use the follows steps to login to the server and change the password.

1. At the login screen, click the Language bar, select English, and then log on to the server by using the password you created during Setup.

2. Open the server Dashboard.

3. On the Users page, right-click the Admin account, and then click Change the user account password.

4. Type and confirm a new password for the account, and then click Change password.

5. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the User account.

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