FAST ESP/ How to extract information from Outlook with FAST Search


Using FAST Enterprise Search (ESP), one may require the ability to index content generated by Outlook and stored in Exchange Server.  This content is created by MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) based applications. Outlook generated content contains properties, which may be useful to index and search within an Enterprise Search Platform.

For Example:
SMTP headerMAPI property
From:Outbound: PR_SENDER_*; inbound: PR_SENDER_* and PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_*
Date:Outbound: current time; inbound: PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME (PidTagMessageDeliveryTime)
To:PR_DISPLAY_NAME (PidTagDisplayName) and PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS (PidTagEmailAddress) for recipients where PR_RECIPIENT_TYPE (PidTagRecipientType) is MAPI_TO
Subject:PR_SUBJECT (PidTagSubject) No particular length limitation.
MessageID:PR_TNEF_CORRELATION_KEY (PidTagTnefCorrelationKey)

More Information

One can utilize the FAST Search Exchange Connector to accomplish this goal.

The FAST Search Exchange Connector is a module that can either be configured as a content source within the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (ESP), or run at command line. It supports indexing of content for a variety of Microsoft message formats, including content from Exchange Server and locally stored PST or MSG files.

The Exchange Connector provides the following features:
  • Traversing and indexing all content from Exchange Server, including private mailboxes and/or public folders.
  • Indexing local content mounted in Outlook (PST files).
  • Searching specified folders on the file system for PST files, and extracting and indexing the individual messages from these PST files.
  • Searching specified folders on the file system for MSG files and indexes the files.
  • Extracting messages attached within messages and indexes them.
  • Supporting indexing attachments of all of the document types supported by ESP for all the content types mentioned in this section.
  • Maintaining the security settings for all the content types mentioned in this section. It is possible to extract both security information from the Exchange Server and extract Access Control Lists (ACLs) from the local file system.
  • Providing full flexibility in choosing which attributes to index for each message. 
  • Supporting and indexing of several private mailboxes by either specifying an Exchange server and have all mailboxes indexed, or by listing the mailboxes to be indexed explicitly.

To obtain more information on utilizing the Exchange FAST Search Exchange Connector, please contact please contact FAST Customer Care at

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