samadmin not able to connect to samworker


After crawling successfully and validating that documents were indexed by FAST Search Server, you were still unable to search from SharePoint, and receive this error:  

The search request was unable to connect to the search service


The processes responsible for Claims-based authorization in FAST Search were not able to initialize successfully, with the following seen in the authorization-admin log:  

AdminLibrary.dll:MakeRemoteRequestToWorker - Unable to complete request to sam worker node

AdminLibrary.dll:Resuscitate - Unable to get LastCommittedTransactionId


These are generally authentication errors that prevent the samadmin process from establishing communications with samworker.

On remote servers, this can result if Firewall rules were not set up successfully when reconfiguring the cluster with additional servers, or because the Firewall was not enabled during the Post-Configuration Wizard, as noted in the software requirements for FAST Search Server installation. Running through the deployment reconfiguration steps with Firewall enabled is sufficient to address this scenario.

On a single server, where the samadmin and samworker processeses are both local, this scenario can result from the authentication loopback check security feature of Windows Server 2008. The feature prevents man-in-the-middle authentication attacks, but also prevents the internal communication between the two FAST processes. The loopback check can be avoided by registering the Service Principal Names (SPN) for the FAST Search Server and FAST Search service account as per the steps below:

setspn -A HTTP/fastmachine DOMAIN\fastuser
setspn -A HTTP/fastmachine.domain.extension DOMAIN\fastuser

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