Fable III for PC: Information about Activation


This article has information about Fable III for PC activation and how to resolve common activation errors

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Before Fable III can be used, it must be activated by connecting to the Internet. The game activation occurs after installation. The initial connection to the Internet is required to connect to SecuROM database in order to verify your license validity. As soon as the license is verified, you may play at any time without an Internet connection. Re-installation of the game will require that this process is repeated.

Note: SecuROM is a piracy prevention application. This application may install additional components on your computer during Fable III setup. In order to protect the game, any tampering with the copy protection or renaming of the game’s executable may cause issues when you load or play the game.

For questions and answers to some common error messages on SecuROM and Activation, visit Games for Windows – LIVE Games on Demand: SecuROM FAQ

Activation Process:

The game activation occurs after installation. 

1.     When you first start Fable III, you will see a Welcome screen. Click NextX
2. You should see the Activation screen with your Product key information entered if you are installing it from Games for Windows Marketplace. If you are installing it from the boxed product, you will have to enter your 25 –digit product key.  

If you cannot locate your product key or if you get an error, click the following article to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 

2547336 Fable III for PC error: "Activation process has been terminated"

3. Click Activate.
The activation process starts. If it is successful you will see the following dialog box: 


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