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Microsoft Planner for iOS help

If your organization uses Microsoft Planner, you can keep up with your plans on-the-go with Planner for iOS.

In Planner for iOS, you can do most of the things you can do in Planner for web, with a slightly different look and feel. There are a few things you can currently only do in the browser, and one thing you can only do from your device: add photos using your device's camera.

Who can use Planner for iOS?

People who have a Microsoft 365 work or school subscription. Unfortunately, you can't use Planner with a Microsoft 365 personal (for example: name@outlook.com or name@hotmail.com) or government subscription.

People with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. You can use Planner for iOS on any iOS 9.0 or later device. However, it will look and operate best on the iPhone and iPad.

What can I do with Planner for iOS?


Planner for web

Planner for iOS

Delete a plan


See Delete a task or plan.


You need to use Planner for web to delete a plan.

Add a photo by taking it with your device's camera



See Add a photo using your device's camera.

All other features


See Microsoft Planner help for details.


Add a photo using your device's camera

In Planner for iOS, you can seamlessly attach a photo to a task using your device's camera.

  1. In Planner for iOS, in one of your plans, tap a task.

  2. Tap Add attachments.

  3. In the upper right corner of your screen, tap the plus sign (+).

  4. Tap Take photo.

  5. Take a photo and, if you want to use it, tap Use Photo. Otherwise, tap Retake.

    Your photo now appears in your list of Attachments. Tap the back arrow (<) to see this photo on your task card. The most recent photo added appears on your task card, but you can change this on the Attachments page by tapping the ellipses on a photo and then tapping Show on card or Don't show on card.

Why does Planner for iOS need my permissions?

Here's a full list of the permissions you'll be asked for in Planner for iOS, and how they are used in the app.



Required or optional?


When you try to attach a photo to a Planner task, this permission allows the Planner for iOS app to access to the Photo Gallery in order to select images.


Tell us what you think

We'd love to hear from you! Leave feedback about Planner for iOS, or vote on features that others have suggested, at planner.uservoice.com

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