Calendar on Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band syncs with the calendar on your phone, reminding you of important events throughout the day.

If you receive a calendar reminder on your phone, you’ll get a notification and a haptic vibration on your Microsoft Band to help keep you on schedule. With a quick glance, see what’s next on your calendar.

View appointments and events

View calendar reminders

When you receive a calendar reminder notification, tap the notification and:

  • Swipe up to read more of the item in view. 
  • Swipe left to view your next appointment or event.

Use the Calendar Tile to view upcoming appointments and events

Step 1: On your Band, press the power button.
Step 2: Swipe left and tap the Calendar Tile .
Step 3: With an appointment or event in view, swipe up to read more of that item or swipe left to view more upcoming appointments or events.

Meeting notification on Microsoft Band
Holiday notification on Microsoft Band

Turn calendar notifications on or off

When calendar notifications are off, you can still view upcoming events on your Band, but your Band won’t alert you when it’s time for an appointment.

Here’s how to turn calendar notifications on or off:

Step 1: On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app.
Step 2: Tap Menu   > Manage Tiles.
Step 3: Tap Calendar, and under Enable calendar notifications on your band, tap to turn notifications On or Off.

Manage notifications for specific calendar accounts

If you have several calendars or accounts on your phone, you can manage which of them delivers notifications to your Band. For example, you might want to get notifications from your personal accounts but exclude notifications from your work account.

You can manage calendar notifications on your phone through your phone’s Notification Center. To learn how, check the info that came with your phone or go the manufacturer’s website.

Remove the Calendar Tile from your Band

You can remove the Calendar Tile from your Band. When you remove the tile, you won’t get calendar notifications and you won’t be able to see upcoming appointments and events on your Band. To learn how to remove the Calendar Tile, see Manage tiles and notifications.


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