Microsoft Band 2 won’t charge

If you’re having problems charging your Microsoft Band 2, try these solutions.

Before you begin

Before trying these solutions, check the USB port where you plugged in your Band’s USB charging cable.

Microsoft Band and USB charging cable

  • Make sure you connected the charging cable to a USB port (USB 2.0 or greater) that can supply power. Powered USB ports include those on your computer and those on USB hubs or adapters connected to a power source.
  • Most USB hubs don’t supply power and won’t charge your Band.
  • On desktop PCs, powered USB ports are often on the back of the PC.
  • AC adapters, like those that power your phone, are generally sufficient to power your Band.
  • Try charging another device, such as your phone, from the USB port to make sure the port is working properly.

If your Band still doesn’t charge, try Solution 1.

Solution 1: Restart your Band (two-button method)

Step 1: Press and hold the power button and the action button on your Band at the same time.
Step 2: After three seconds, your Band will show Turn Power off? You can power down your Band and restart it by swiping left and tapping Yes, or you can continue to hold down both buttons for an additional seven to eight seconds.
    Step 3: After an additional seven to eight seconds, your Band’s screen will flash red. You can release both buttons and your Band will perform a quick restart, or you can continue to hold down both buttons for a few more seconds.
    Step 4: Release both buttons. Your Band will now be turned off.
    Step 5: Press the power button to restart your Band.

    Solution 2: Check the battery status on your Band

    While it’s charging, your Band should show the percentage of remaining battery power. Here’s how to check:

    Step 1: Connect the magnetic charging connector on the USB charging cable to the charging port on your Band, and plug the USB end of the cable into a powered USB port or an AC adapter.
    Step 2:

    Press the power button to see your Band’s current charging status.
    The time, date, and battery status display against a dark background.

    • If your battery is completely depleted, you might have to reset your Band’s date and time manually.
    • If you see Battery charging
      Battery charging icon
      and the percent charge increases over 15 minutes or more, your Band is charging correctly.


    Charging in Watch Mode

    • If you don't see Battery charging
      Battery charging icon
      or if the amount of charge doesn’t increase over time, go to Contact Us to replace your Band and charging cable.

    After attempting these troubleshooting solutions, if the screen stays dark after your Band has been charging for 10 minutes, go to Contact Us to replace your Band and charging cable.


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