Clean and care for your Microsoft Band


Here’s how to keep your Band looking great and working well.

Clean and protect your Microsoft Band or Microsoft Band 2

Keep it clean

To clean your Band, lightly wipe the touchscreen, wristband, and other surfaces using any of the following:

  • A specialized screen wipe
  • A soft, lint-free cloth
  • A cotton swab moistened with fresh water

Keep it dry

You can wear your Band indoors or outdoors—it’s sweat- and splash-resistant. If your Band gets wet, dry it with a soft, clean, absorbent cloth.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Your Band works best when used in temperatures between 14 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 10 to plus 40 degrees Celsius). Avoid placing your Band on or near a heat source or leaving it outside in freezing temperatures.

Care for the charging port and charging connector on Microsoft Band

If you have a Microsoft Band (early model) and it isn’t charging properly, you might need to clean the gold contact points on the Band and the USB charging connector.

Gold contact points on the Microsoft Band

To clean the charging port:

Step 1: Moisten a clean cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Use only enough alcohol to moisten the swab—do not soak the swab.
Step 2: Scrub the seven gold contacts on the underside of the Band’s face. Try to avoid the silver plate surrounding the contacts as much as possible.
Scrub only the contact points. Using rubbing alcohol on other parts may damage your Band. Particularly avoid any contact with plastic or paint.
Step 3: Continue scrubbing the contact points with clean, alcohol-moistened swabs until the swabs no longer pick up any debris and the contact points are shiny.

To clean the USB charging connector:

Step 1: Unplug the USB charging cable from your PC or AC adapter, if it’s connected.
Step 2: Using a clean cotton swab moistened with rubbing alcohol, gently wipe down on the gold contact points.
Wipe the contact points with the cotton swab gently. Applying too much pressure may bend or otherwise damage them.
Step 3: Continue wiping the contact points with swabs until the swabs no longer pick up any debris and the contact points are shiny.

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