Messaging on Microsoft Band


Get your SMS text messages right on your wrist. Reply instantly with a standard quick response like, ‘I'll call you back,’ or create your own set of personal replies in the Microsoft Band app.

With your Microsoft Band, you can see incoming texts with just a quick glance. When a text arrives, you’ll get a notification and feel a haptic vibration.

Reply to or dismiss an incoming text

When you get a text, you can reply from your Band or dismiss the notification.

Reply with a quick text

The Microsoft Band app has two standard text replies built in: “I’ll call you back” and “I’m in a meeting.”

Step 1:

When a text message appears on your Band, swipe left to scroll through your available replies.

Step 2: Tap the reply you want to text back to send it.
The text that you send will appear in your phone’s messaging app just as if you’d sent it from your phone.

Dismiss a text

  • Swipe right and tap Dismiss.
    If you ignore the notification, it will dismiss itself in a few seconds.

Create custom replies

You can modify the built-in text replies and create your own. Here’s how:

Step 1: On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app.
Step 2:

Tap Menu   > Manage Tiles.

Step 3:

Tap Messaging > edit.

Step 4: Enter a new reply in any of the four text boxes.
You can keep the two built-in replies or replace them with your own.
Step 5: When you’re done entering your replies, tap Accept
Accept icon

View your text message history

Step 1: On your Band, press the power button.
Step 2: Swipe left, and tap Messaging 
The Messaging Tile
Step 3: Swipe left to view your texts, or swipe up to read longer ones.

Turn text message notifications on or off

You can turn text notifications on or off. Here’s how:

Step 1: On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app.
Step 2:

Tap Menu   > Manage Tiles.

Step 3: Tap Messaging, and under Enable text message notifications on your Band, tap to turn notifications On or Off.

Remove the Messaging Tile from your Band

If you don’t want to get notifications of incoming texts, you can remove the Messaging Tile from your Band. To learn how, see Manage tiles and notifications.


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