Portal Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version Release


Portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available. This article describes the enhancements that were included in this update, as well as how to obtain the updated solutions. For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference KB #3181191.

Upgrade to Portal Capabilities Version

This release includes an updated portal host and updated solution packages. If you are deploying a new portal after this update is available, the deployment will automatically include all of the enhancements within this update.

However, if you have deployed a portal prior to this update, you must upgrade the portal solutions within Dynamics 365 to take advantage of some or all of the included enhancements. For instructions on how to upgrade the portal solutions, please refer to this KB article.

Resolved Issues in Portal Capabilities Version

Version resolves the following issues:

  • When a user is opening the Portal Admin Center page in French, Japanese, or Turkish languages, loading icons will appear throughout the page and the user will be unable to provision a portal.
  • The Field Service extension package installation fails when installed for non-English languages.
  • An external authentication provider can trigger a runtime error when a user is attempting to login to the portal if the provider has been configured to not send the Name claim in the security token.
  • When a user tries to access an authenticated page in the ESS portal, they are redirected to a login page. After they have logged in, they are redirected to the profile page instead of the original page they requested.
  • When a user creates a new Idea with status comments, they are displayed with HTML tags.
  • When a user tries to disassociate a record present in the subgrid of another record form, the user may receive a bad gateway error.
  • When a user navigates to an Entity List on the portal and double-clicks a column header, the data in the view will be displayed improperly.
  • If the label of the Submit button on an Entity Form is customized, the portal will continue to display the previous label.
  • The "Search" parameter used in the entityview Liquid tag doesn't work in the portal.
  • When a user is changing the associated Dynamics 365 instance of a portal via the Portal Admin Center, the operation may fail under some conditions and will not allow the user to retry the operation.

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