DataEventHandler for Event Type Inserted not triggered on ProjTable


In code that has a DataEventHandler for an insert event on the table ProjTable, the event is not triggered when a new project is created and saved.


This hotfix includes a change that allows developers to write event code for an insert on the table ProjTable. With this hotfix, the developer can use a PreHandlerFor or PostHandlerFor on the ProjTableType class's insert method. The ProjTable table buffer which is being inserted will be accessible from the ProjTableType object. 

For an example, see the code below.

[PostHandlerFor(classStr(ProjTableType), methodStr(ProjTableType, insert))]

public static void ProjTableType_Post_insert(XppPrePostArgs args)


    ProjTableType projTableType =args.getThis() as ProjTableType;

    ProjTable projTable = projTableType.projTable();




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