Use Mixed Reality Portal

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Mixed Reality Portal is the desktop app that takes you through Windows Mixed Reality setup. It also serves as the command center on your PC for your mixed reality experience.

In Mixed Reality Portal, you can:

  • Display a livestream of the view in your headset (Windows Mixed Reality Ultra only). To turn this on and off, select Stop preview or Start preview. (You can also turn preview on and off on from the mixed reality Start menu.)
  • See the status of your headset and controllers. Select Menu  to see all the info.
  • Set up new controllers. Select Menu  > Set up controllers.
  • Turn the boundary on or off. Select Menu  > Boundary On / Off. (If you turn it off, you'll need to stay in one spot for safety.)
  • Create a new boundary. Select Menu  > Run setup.
  • Get to your mixed reality photos. Select Menu  > See mixed reality photos
  • Get mixed reality apps and games. Select Menu  > Get mixed reality apps.

General troubleshooting

If you run into problems or get an error message while using Mixed Reality Portal, try these solutions.

Restart Windows Mixed Reality

  1. Disconnect your headset from your PC (both cables).
  2. Restart your PC, then reconnect your headset.

Make sure that your PC recognizes your headset

If restarting doesn’t work, make sure that your headset is recognized by your PC. Select Start , type device manager in the search box, and then select it in the list. Expand Mixed reality devices and see if your headset is listed. 

If it isn't listed, try the following:

  • Plug the headset into different ports on the PC, if available.
  • Check for the latest software updates from Windows Update.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Windows Mixed Reality:
    1.  Disconnect your headset from your PC (both cables).
    2. Select Settings  > Mixed reality > Uninstall.
    3. Unpair your motion controllers: select Settings  > Devices  > Bluetooth & other devices . Select each controller, and then select Remove device.
    4. To reinstall Windows Mixed Reality, plug your headset back into your PC.

Common error messages

Here are some things to try for error messages you might see.

If you see this message Try this
Check your USB cable Connect your headset to a different USB port (and make sure it’s a SuperSpeed USB 3.0). Also, try removing any extenders or hubs between the headset and the computer.
Check your display cable

Try the following:

  • Connect your headset to a DisplayPort 1.2 or later, or HDMI 1.4 or later. Make sure the port corresponds with the most advanced graphics card on your PC.
  • If you’re using an adapter, make sure it's 4K capable.
  • Try using a different HDMI port.
  • If you have an external monitor plugged into an HDMI port, try plugging it into a DisplayPort instead, and use the HDMI port for your headset.
Something went wrong Follow the general troubleshooting steps above.