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Using 3D Viewer Beta on HoloLens

3D Viewer Beta lets you view 3D models on HoloLens. You can open and view supported .fbx files from Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, and other apps.

If you’re having trouble opening a 3D model in 3D Viewer Beta, or certain features of your 3D model are unsupported, see Supported content specifications.

To build or optimize 3D models for use with 3D Viewer Beta, see Optimizing 3D models for 3D Viewer Beta.

There are two ways to open a 3D model on HoloLens. See Viewing 3D models on HoloLens to learn more.

If you’re having trouble after reading these topics, see Troubleshooting.

Supported content specifications
Optimizing 3D models for 3D Viewer Beta
Viewing 3D models on HoloLens


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