Office for Mac 2011 Ribbon information and functionality


The Ribbon is a primary replacement for menus and toolbars in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. It's part of a new Office for Mac results-oriented user interface (UI) that is designed for easy navigating. The Ribbon consists of tabs that display the commands that are most relevant for each task area in each application. For example, the tabs group contains commands for activities, such as inserting objects such as pictures and tables, doing page layout, working with references, creating mailings, and reviewing documents. The Home tab includes many of the most frequently used features to help you immediately be productive when you use the new UI. 

More Information

The Ribbon helps you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups that are collected together on tabs. Each tab relates to a kind of activity, such as writing or page layout. To reduce screen clutter, some tabs are shown only when they are needed. 

You cannot delete or replace the Ribbon with the toolbars and menus from earlier versions of Microsoft Office. However, you can minimize the Ribbon to free up space on your screen. To do this, click Ribbon on the View menu to minimize (or maximize) the Ribbon in the application. 

If you cannot find a command or a function on the Ribbon, use Help in the application to locate that item.

If you want to turn off the ribbon, including tabs, visit this Microsoft website:

If you want to know more about the ribbon visit this Microsoft website:


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