Internet Connection Sharing Requires Two Network Adapters on the Host Computer

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When you set up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the host computer, two network adapters are required for ICS to function properly.
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To determine the adapters that are installed, double-click Network, in Control Panel. Look in the Network Properties dialog box for the information that is appropriate to your connection type.

For computers that are using a standard modem connection, the following adapters are used:
  • TCP/IP (Shared) - Dialup Adapter
  • TCP/IP (Home) - Network Adapter
For computers that are using a cable modem, or a Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL) connection, the following adapters are used:
  • TCP/IP (Shared) - Network Adapter 1
  • TCP/IP (Home) - Network Adapter 2
NOTE: Plugging the cable modem or DSL line directly into a network hub may open the network to security problems if file and printer sharing is enabled.

For computers that are using America Online (AOL) as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), the following adapters are used:
  • TCP/IP (Shared) - AOL Adapter
  • TCP/IP (Home) - Network Adapter
NOTE: ICS may not function correctly with some DSL connections if the ISP uses a Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) adapter, because these virtual adapters may not be recognized by ICS.
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