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Access and share files from the Zoom app | 7f8d647e-de15-4a88-8e82-2b8bf79e2256

Access files and folders offline | ea3dc993-deba-4486-82a9-b54b1f9e4578

Add a user to your subscription | 56655a8e-688c-48d3-b9cd-d5fb509f2ab6

Add an account | 92687843-fefe-450a-9d8b-994fdc204bd8

Add files to OneDrive | 1b8ff6a9-aee3-4f85-9743-1c481940bb89

Add files to shared folders | 276d54cb-7e31-4c83-8c49-3b54bfd6a7d7 

Add security to help keep your files safe | aba82172-d4a2-4c29-9a53-b5b0235e3a9a 

Add storage | c4362a98-987b-412f-aa37-70b00cbdfd19

Add your OneDrive file to a Teams channel | 19d894e9-d477-4ca9-8dd9-9cac6f57ec93

Allow editing by changing file permissions | a4235bd9-a230-496f-b7ef-a9fd49687591

Are my documents safe in Discover view? | 1417c20d-24d7-4624-a579-d99ded320d48

Auto sync | 5a9c93a7-9296-46cd-8216-a9da03661fd8

Back up your computer | d8898e09-876e-4a23-84be-6b723286752a

Back up your files | a77dfc2a-808c-4630-8be8-1d12d6f7306c

Back up your files to an external drive | 9d24565d-cc18-4b22-b75f-eadcfa6615b6

Back up your photos | e0148f1d-1592-46aa-9899-b5719aa50b83

Cambia el idioma al espanol | 3b20e6b0-1991-4323-b5a6-89682b6760e8

Cancel your OneDrive subscription | e0a29a8d-e599-4ae8-8c4f-c10a3e17b0bb

Can't delete your files? | 17ee8a1d-63db-411b-b6c8-49d53381e781

Can't see the OneDrive icon? | d1cab1d6-88ff-4235-84b2-06eb6f94fcb6

Can't open a Word document? | 1fa64e08-5279-4b03-a875-1cf8637daa59

Can't sign in to OneDrive? | caaf42a4-6f6e-4faa-a4eb-4559002e66d8

Change or edit permissions | 60fff1cc-664e-4ccf-a38e-aaadd342d938

Change or switch the language | cd8cfb57-5d6a-4d4c-bf5a-eb24c61906a9

Change sharing to private | f474bfef-b813-4026-9b55-19cfa826bc4d

Change the font size using the zoom controls | 9b9cb80f-da47-400e-8b7d-abc9b48f2f4d

Change the location of your OneDrive folder | b3d94448-e3ad-4420-853d-cccfccfa61e7 

Change views | dfb74c41-94cb-4fe9-b944-975a622e71e5

Change the payment method for your subscription | e939c10e-d896-42f3-92fe-9ebae2099cff

Change your email address | 80d16f6c-9c27-4ae7-b788-60ef577b84f1

Change your settings | 16895c2c-88d4-4a01-afb2-e1a82020f924

Check my storage space or limit | 37656c7a-0e1c-483b-9cbc-c78a716ae33b

Choose which OneDrive folders to sync to your computer | 62539dc7-bc9e-4091-8863-b6833cc2ee88

Close your account | 67641a1f-ff36-481a-b833-cd5b157b0f8c

Collaborate with shared libraries | 375595ef-d257-4925-882b-8bd24969d5aa

Contact support via Virtual Agent | edb03e3f-a847-45c8-b811-1fe873b0fc1f

Convert an HEIC image file | be41c4db-931f-4a15-bc8e-d7aa1911b987

Convert or save your document as a PDF | 8196af68-e8af-424c-a7a1-342ff462e429

Copy files and folders to OneDrive | 71b47a63-8ba7-482f-b23f-3f159646be15  

Copy files or folders to shared folders | a400e253-ef3b-4ceb-8ada-99869e78cd7d 

Create a file request | 692bb9d3-098c-41dc-824b-301fe5b0a450

Create a folder | 38686c6d-3055-4a8f-bf17-ca0fc49c0f2d

Create a form | eae5bcd1-2d38-4966-8c9f-d66d1252bd88

Create a OneDrive shortcut | bfcb097e-60c1-4ae9-9077-8e9f098ce829

Create a Personal Vault | c9d9d021-6841-4857-a3c2-555fd5c6e04c

Create a shared library | 1cd76698-f983-4e0a-a428-1ba03a22e075

Create an album | e92b6b69-14e9-4858-851d-90ab9c8ff9ce

Create an automated workflow | 6afcd4c8-508b-4afc-8ed6-9afe51301ccf

Delete a shared library | 5de59cd3-4869-4de7-8dad-5548d8d7720e

Delete all files | 4f0c895e-d803-4860-9c2d-805909609245

Delete all photos | cddc3822-4d3e-4ae9-b13b-8a82ac8e55eb

Delete files | 120b37da-9e4d-4317-898f-a3a392e74ab5

Delete files from your computer | 505ff2a4-669d-49f4-a716-22372e11c25a

Delete folders | bd581c3e-110c-4a31-85c3-137bb603542b

Delete OneDrive from your computer | 43738d4a-f93c-438d-9e61-67afd21e37a5

Delete shared files or folders | 8ac9e3c4-b35e-4e1f-8771-909c019331f9

Delete your account | 29b88ba5-099b-43e6-86c5-c9120a040b3e

Disconnect OneDrive | 6d519ec5-30db-477c-bc1a-ed96bcf14572

Download a file to your computer | 347956ac-f7f3-4e91-8e8b-c27013222705

Download and install OneDrive | e546db78-857c-47e4-818c-f135451f104b

Fetch your files from another computer | 6b3ce097-7fd3-48c8-bba4-89139920eaa9  

File size limit for uploads | 874abd16-733f-4d13-8ddb-23fad37520cd

Files locked for editing | 2355980c-3af2-479c-a605-88d299ff7146

Find and sync your shared folders | dfd39a8a-80d6-44e0-b8f2-d0e4a83eb90c

Find and view shared files | ac46d1a6-7dbf-4d39-a38d-98c118c0f854

Find your SharePoint files in OneDrive | 1c2875d6-cd22-4711-8e4b-32acd67c42b7

Find your Teams files in OneDrive | a110ae27-9fd4-4f65-bfac-1f400ff6f3f0

Follow a site | afb700a8-bb85-4245-b102-6064057da961

Get started with OneDrive | 325ffa36-6b01-4ce2-bc13-80b838d38796

Give someone access to a file or folder | 7a1b455e-0520-440d-b7da-efd9418db7d6

Grant someone access to files or folders | topic/c478c834-375e-4257-98a1-eab8a21d3e62

How to share from OneDrive | 7839ad94-b13d-45d5-9591-bfe8f05c1412

How to sync | 06b5fcaa-109c-43f1-9f5b-3680650d4271

Import your files and photos | 70eecb39-1a5c-4d0f-ba88-de1e5f11748d

Invite someone to share a file | 8fed623c-7128-4dbd-a871-d942ceaeacb7

Make your files online only | 62a8dfc6-6598-4b50-b8fa-3f8f84dc1d35

Make your files or folders private with Personal Vault | 401b0fb4-22fc-4658-9ac7-a18099527b5b

Manage access with permissions | 295032c2-775e-44ac-918a-c52fc4546f06

Manage Delete access permissions | df9dc271-5037-428d-8ca6-407fd6bfdbec

Map OneDrive as a network drive | 86e7128c-f8d6-4c96-b577-1e8754c738ca

Merge accounts | 2553258f-2c08-4a7a-82fe-7046e5830569

Move a file or folder | e2a53567-de06-4f97-aeee-23ef025a217e

Move files and folders between OneDrive and SharePoint | e32b3123-da10-479b-87b6-177cee22813a

Move files to another OneDrive account | 51c221fd-d768-4624-857b-900a21a81218

Move shared files and folders | 17ec143d-acad-42db-aabb-7260cab80410

Move your files to a hard drive | ffda4989-d0fe-4833-8ef3-76b1672ef939

Move your OneNote notebook to OneDrive | 58312d7f-95b6-4b78-953c-c730a8f1b61e

OneDrive not syncing? | db685968-bd92-4cf7-b98d-44c9529a7695

Open a PDF | dc134028-852c-4c42-ad51-cb388ea160c4

Pause syncing or "unsync" | 2ea4680d-da0a-49a4-88ff-d11e2b376f07

Protect your files | 8f959c92-57dc-46cf-8576-161192bc248a

Protect your important files using Personal Vault | efaf8c98-20a9-4b2f-ad11-53a7bbe137a4

Reactivate your account | 5cda7cb1-e1d5-420e-8ddb-b8e25301af9a

Remove a photo | 7586346b-17fc-405a-89b9-d6583c56a086

Remove a shared document library | 2c650f7a-6d85-47ca-8676-4f24be549633

Remove duplicate photos and files | 59890dbc-caab-446e-b039-1fcfb5460146

Remove files or folders from your Recent view | 8ca898b8-db5b-4dd8-baa2-f67b0b56a65b

Remove OneDrive from your computer | 047321f3-78e2-4f44-b487-4a319148e05b

Rename a folder | 9b4d6a87-34a6-4c6d-893b-e32d9c094969

Reset OneDrive | a0f5a61e-0c86-4101-b90d-8b366a9ad43c

Reset or change your password | 73f37e63-48b0-46e4-b5d2-94a9c39a84a2 

Restore a missing taskbar icon for OneDrive | 67c992d8-21e1-4b90-8f64-7067a244a5e8

Restore a previous version of a file | 195b5795-aa30-417f-88ac-37dae8779374

Restore deleted files or folders from the Recycle bin | 66a4533d-15ed-488b-83f7-83f8328837a8

Save a PDF | ec4ae95e-0d99-4880-b2cc-42bae074c799

Save files to your PC or other devices | ac9cf7dc-8712-40bd-a001-4d465a228a66

Save your Office documents | fdee903f-a076-4b29-a970-ee14ed3d6e3f

Scan files on your mobile device | d75f3f7c-4c64-46e4-952d-e11da2fc3b68

Search for files | 802872b7-14b8-4cac-b842-8404ba51999b

See files shared with you | 8f354b16-0c09-4720-9504-b8e7ee032b39

See who has access to a shared file or folder | 8ff4cfbc-b0e2-43a7-abf3-de672eafacc6

See who has direct access | ac26a026-88b1-43fa-b4f1-291983afda19

Select all files and folders and download them | 2e1ba44e-0748-4abd-9e83-791d7bf65389

Send files as attachments | 8409b359-5da6-4f81-96b2-310a82257e7f

Set up an automatic backup | d4b6e119-e138-4cdb-9c33-9d7d8aa87bdc

Set your time zone to change the date or time format | b8cb2003-54fa-4746-ba70-73971255db29

Share externally with someone outside your organization | 947c2c24-fcd6-4a28-89af-bd5986a2ac98

Share files and folders | 2d7307a8-2aa2-4632-8e17-2de9cc30c759

Share files from your library | 9c694524-0b5f-4a3f-a4c7-55ea79b2f780

Share files from your shared folder | 0332d9ac-be6a-43d9-8622-c5294c0a6f9b

Share group files in Outlook | 08d46a3e-9df9-4edb-84ec-e329f5779a03

Share photos | 5834308c-2115-40c3-a0bd-6aeba5cb1195

Sign in to OneDrive | c3c2b08b-5c59-4218-a779-c9b90e9e8727

Sign out of OneDrive | 00023296-0e15-496b-bd2c-b484381682f5

Sort or reorganize your photos and files | 5299bb10-4fe2-485c-8ce4-c612bbf31fd1

Stop OneDrive from appearing in the taskbar | e2c05175-ad86-4db4-b626-5000097d7cab

Stop or turn off sync | bf43a548-4ac4-4bdf-9f88-7c5f0e2cfe10

Stop sharing your files and folders | 9129c35d-dfae-4e99-8bca-999140f29dff

Sync files and folders with OneDrive | b4ea6725-18d5-45b7-8ec6-46ae1fb9b21b

Sync files on a Mac | a7ee14c8-565c-4ad7-bf15-dae6c74f36a0

Sync to your computer | a84e86f7-03c6-4506-9868-7b727d7f08c8

Sync with File Explorer | 1a7f71e7-32e0-4166-a2aa-004502199b39

Sync with multiple accounts | 8ba5d09d-12f6-484c-af08-ce9da19163ad

Sync your files to a library on a site | b39172bf-0d00-4c1e-9e0e-135b52546ebe

Sync your important files to a BitLocker-encrypted area | eeee51ed-5b14-439d-bb0e-a6b71fad60f9

Transfer ownership of files | 1238f3a1-7060-4f19-81b7-f16afd0eb981

Turn classic view on or off | 3e1a8d6f-de09-40d6-8e45-cdc7f3d132f1

Turn dark mode on or off | 34c6ae80-a7c3-40a2-9cec-99af229b3496

Turn off OneDrive | 5dde8570-4590-490d-88bc-036a6598e29d

Turn on AutoSave | 330ff167-7988-47eb-8214-18b10182a25d

Turn on Files On-Demand | 154f2e7f-55af-4555-9194-44d528d6bb98

Turn on notifications for shared files | a6a777b2-65db-4d03-b777-dff6e9f9df85

Turn two-factor authentication on or off | c47cc19d-40d1-4e78-91b8-0a70c4ac3c93

Two people or more may edit files at the same time | de4e1eba-eb9e-4df4-a8f7-47f85a24c7c1

Undo changes or an action | 8e4c6037-f0d8-4019-bec5-23da2ee04e0c

Unfreeze your account | 178cdf4b-a346-49ab-a9ed-da4bf0bac263

Uninstall OneDrive from your computer | 203d44a5-3dfa-4daa-845e-c43e8a79df2e

Unlink OneDrive | 1da9c31c-07f4-4140-90df-8b9da0839b87

Upload folders to OneDrive | f6ed5b18-e963-4853-bd62-359cfd95a234

Upload your files | b44a6de8-40e2-42e2-80a8-05f550233376

Upload your photos | 79ad14e9-4f5b-41fc-8592-6e9f2e46887b

Use OneDrive to send email attachments | 777e4f3a-e821-49da-8edf-b4818cfe48de

Verify or change your Personal Vault PIN | 58db691a-bf95-4890-a29b-a4b6863b24a5

View files shared with you and who shared them | c6e9241b-c5c9-4b85-b3f7-aff37bdced42

View thumbnails | b7c9e289-17cc-47ed-833a-3d2792bb846b

View your activity | a437a9b5-8e38-4c57-b9ee-b17168c39737

View your files in File Explorer | 3b7aef06-ce2a-4f3f-adbe-2f8113278ef6

What do the icons mean? | 9b46db90-4ab0-4d89-98b3-972e3482fbcd

What is OneDrive for Business? | 99e52fdd-14e9-46cf-9779-0a5bd058544f

What is OneDrive? | 9b821fd3-e93d-4268-99a5-641310dde54e

Where are my downloads? | 6db14e3a-67a2-46ac-8bf8-532e0dc304d8

Where are my email files? | d7a1068d-7586-43af-842f-d587d02908db

Where are my files? | b1180ad0-4e3e-4980-b52c-20fef13491b7

Where are my photos? | a860eb2b-ae57-4fad-a669-f6037c227990

Who can see my files? | 85271321-6046-41aa-b8f6-6914b31d073a

Work directly in Word and other Office files | 37866102-128a-447e-b1d4-54fdf5a5c96f

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