Windows Server® 2008 Administrator's Companion comments and corrections


This article contains comments, corrections, and information about known errors relating to the Microsoft Press book Windows Server 2008 Administrator's Companion, 978-0-7356-2505-1.

The following topics are covered:

  • Page 152 & 154: password should be passwordd

More Information

Page 152 & 154: password should be passwordd

On page 152, the netdom command in step 4 is incorrect.

Change: "netdom join %COMPUTERNAME% /DOMAIN:<domainname> /userd:<domain admin account> /password:*"

To: "netdom join %COMPUTERNAME% /DOMAIN:<domainname> /userd:<domain admin account> /passwordd:*"

On page 154, the sixth line from the bottom of the second script is incorrect.

Change: "netdom join %COMPUTERNAME% /DOMAIN:%DOMAIN% /userd:%DOMADMIN% /password:*"

To: "netdom join %COMPUTERNAME% /DOMAIN:%DOMAIN% /userd:%DOMADMIN% /passwordd:*"

Microsoft Press is committed to providing informative and accurate books. All comments and corrections listed above are ready for inclusion in future printings of this book. If you have a later printing of this book, it may already contain most or all of the above corrections.

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