Error On Page: Object Doesn't Support This Property or Method


Error On Page: Object Doesn't support this property or method when attempting to log into the Microsoft Forecaster web client.


The web client components have not been installed on the user workstation.


The web client components need to be installed on the local workstation. The installer can be downloaded from the web server by going to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forecaster 7\Web Access\Cabs\Files on the web server and selecting the MicrosoftForecasterWebClient.msi file.

Note: A user should receive a prompt to download the installer when first connecting to the website, if this is not happening, then the Microsoft Installer service is not enabled on the web server. The service can be enabled by opening the Services Manager and locating the Microsoft Installer and right-clicking to select automatic so that each time the server is rebooted this service will start automatically.



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