How to Use the Task Wizard to Create an Export Task


Follow these steps to create a Task that will Export report data

More Information

1. Login as an Administrator or as a user that belongs to a group with the Perform Administrative Task permission
2. From the Tools menu select Wizards
3. Select Task Wizard
4. Enter a Name for the Task, for example Export Data
5. Click Next
6. Click on the Insert Task Package Icon
7. Select Export Data
8. Click on the Pick icon to select a Report
9. Enter or select an Exportfile name for the Export file
10. Select an Export Specification
11. Select Export numbers with formatting to match what is displayed in the report
12. Select I will choose lines with the prompt values if you dot want to manually have to select prompt values while the task is running
13. Select a column set with the periods you wish to export data for
14. Click OK
15. Click Next
16. Click Finish
17. Click the Insert Task Package Icon to add another Input set
18. Repeat steps 6 through 17 until all of the Reports you wish to include in this Task have been added
19. Click Next
20. Click Finish

NOTE: If your configuration of Forecaster 7.0 has more than 2 segments defined you will need to select a line(s) that contains the values for all of the other segments.

Example of the Syntax for an Export Task


Runs an export of Balance Sheet data



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