How To Use the Current User List with SQL Server 2005


Due to security changes in SQL Server 2005, all Administrator level users must have the VIEW SERVER STATE Server permission granted to them in order to allow Microsoft Forecaster 7.x to determine if other users are logged in prior to creating new Periods (Buckets) or performing database validation activities. In addition, any user who needs to be able to use the Current Users List (View | Current Users List) must also have this server permission granted. Without this permission, the Current Users List may only display the administrator user and no others.

More Information

Following are the steps that your DBA or a Microsoft Forecaster Support respsentative will need to follow to grant the VIEW SERVER STATE permission:
  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. In the Object Explorer, navigate to a database in which the user is defined.
  3. Right-click on the database and choose Properties.
  4. Select the Permissions from the list in the Database Properties window.
  5. Click the link titled View Server Permissions.
  6. In the Server Properties window, select the appropriate user from the Logins or Roles list.
  7. In the Explicit permissions for user list, scroll down to the View server state permission and check the box for this permission in the Grant column.
  8. Repeat for all users who need the described functionality.
  9. Click OK until you have returned to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio main window.



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