How To Setup An Input Set To Utilize Single Account Input


How to setup an input set so that the budgeters will be able to use Single Account Input to enter data. Single account input references a baseline input set. This could be an input set that has the previous year's budget, forecast, actual, or any other data that can be used for comparison. The baseline input set is defined in the input set worksheet. Before you set a baseline input set you need to make sure that your primary and baseline input set have the same number and type of columns in the column set. If they do not match you will get an error message reminding you to review your Baseline Input Set definition.

More Information

If you have not created your primary input set yet, create your primary version using the version wizard. Then create the primary input set using the input set wizard. In step 3 of the wizard it will prompt you for the Baseline Input Set where you can select the Baseline from a drop down menu.If you have already created your primary input set you can go into the Input Set Worksheet and type in the ID of the Baseline Input Set in the Baseline column. (Administration - Input Set Worksheet)

For instructions on using Single Account Input see How To Use Single Account Input.



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