What Is an Account Mask?

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The Account Mask determines the amount of detail information that should be drawn from the general ledger. Each reporting unit in the reporting tree must be either a child unit that has an account mask to draw data from the general ledger or a parent unit with detail information rolling up to it from a lower unit. Typically, detail units have a general ledger account mask. Summary units often summarize data from their child units, so they usually will not need a mask. However, any unit in the reporting tree can contain an account mask and draw data directly from the general ledger. Account Mask: XXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXX 1st segment = Company Code2nd segment = Natural Account Code3rd segment = Department/Location4th segment = Sub-accounts NOTE: The number of hooks in the reporting tree must match the number of characters or digits in the row format. WILDCARDS (?): They can be in any or all positions of the account mask, with the exception of the hooks position. A wildcard tells FRx to summarize all data for the segment. You can use various combinations of wildcards and specific numbers in the tree to achieve virtually any desired level of summarization or detail in FRx. HOOKS (&): The natural segment portion of the account mask has four hooks that correspond to the four digits in the Link to General Ledger column of the row format.



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