Negative Debits and Positive Credits

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If you are tracking total debits and credits in your reports, it can be misleading in a debit or credit reversal to show the debit and the credit in separate totals. For example, you credit an account for $100,000 and later realize you should have credited another account. To offset this, you enter a debit of $100,000 to zero out the effect on that account in the report. However, a report with separate debits and credits would display an unusually high amount in both columns. You can now cancel out credit and debit errors using negative debits and positive credits. In the previous example, instead of entering the debit to reverse the credit, enter a positive credit to cancel out the erroneous credit. If your accounting system supports separate debits and credits in the balance records, but doesn't support separate debits and credits at the transaction level, FRx will return positive transaction amounts as debits and negative amounts as credits. In this case the total for a debits-only or credits-only column may not agree with the total from the balance record.



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