Connecting Microsoft Frx to Platinum for Windows


How do I set up Microsoft FRx to connect to Platinum for Windows?

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  1. After installing FRx you will need to register it. Launch Report Designer then go to Admin and select Organization. Enter in the necessary registration information.
  2. The next step will be to set up a company other that the demo companies that come with FRx. To do this select Company then Information. The Company Information dialogue box opens and you can see the FW and FWC companies. Click the new button and fill out the company code and company name accordingly for your company. Then select the Sage PFW accounting system in the drop down box
  3. Next fill out the FRx System Information tab. Select the appropriate specification set if you have created one other than the default. Change the Import and export path accordingly if you want to point it to a server share. This is the default path to which all reports will be generated unless otherwise specified in the catalog. All aditional fields will be specific to your company and can be filled out based on your business.
  4. Now we move on to the System Specific Information tab. There are only two fields you need to worry about here. The first is the System Directory. This is going to be the PFW directory and is usually a mapped drive.



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