Accounting System Registration Not Found For System Type 0


"Accounting system registration not found for system type 0" This error occurs when generating a report in FRx that uses a tree.


This error message will be caused by problems with reports that are using a tree with a design problem. Refer to the resolution section for a list of things to check.


  1. Confirm that the company selected in Column B for each reporting unit exists in the drop-down list for that field.
  2. If there is a link to an Excel spreadsheet in the tree and the data exists on a specific worksheet in the Excel spreadsheet, confirm that the path to the Excel spreadsheet contains the worksheet reference. For example, to link to the Worksheet named CORP in the Budget.XLS spreadsheet located in C:\\Program Files\\FRx Financial Reporting\\io_data, the reference in Column T of the tree should be C:\\Program Files\\FRx Financial Reporting\\io_data\\[Budget.XLS]CORP.
  3. Verify that all reporting units in the tree have an account mask specified in Column G. Summary level units do not need to have a mask. Only actual reporting unit levels for which data is intended to be reported from the general ledger need an account mask.
  4. If this article does not resolve your issue, please contact your FRx support provider.



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